"I prayed to God, and asked him sincerely for someone to fall in love with me. Then I heard a voice, so powerful and yet so beautiful, “So long as you remember me, you will always be loved."

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I needed this more than you could imagine. SubhanAllah. I will always have Allah and that’s all I will ever need 

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Terkadang dalam hidup.
Setelah terlalu lama bertahan dalam sesuatu keadaan yang menghimpit.
Kita perlu tumbang untuk belajar kembali bangkit.
Mungkin menjadi manusia baru yang lebih baik dari diri kita yang dulu.
Mungkin menjadi manusia yang tak pernah kita jadi waktu dulu-dulu.

Jambatan yang sudah roboh.
Dibina kembali dengan lebih kukuh.
Walau berapa berat beban ia tetap utuh.

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"If you are lucky enough to find a weirdo never let them go"
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"Bila Allah sayangkan seseorang, Allah akan datangkan rasa bersalah dalam hatinya terhadap dosanya."
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"So Abu Bakr said, “How many, how much are you going to sell him for?” And he said, “Ill sell him for 10 gold coins”. And Abu Bakr (RA) went home and he brought back 10 gold coins and he gave them to Ummayah. And Ummayah began to laugh. And Abu Bakr (RA) said “Oh Ummayah, what are you laughing for?” And Ummayah said, “Abu Bakr, I swear by Allah, if you had haggled with me and you had offered me 1 gold coin for Bilal (RA), I would have sold him for 1 gold coin”. And Abu Bakr (RA) turned to Ummayah and said, “Oh Ummayah, I swear by Allah, If you had haggled with me and you had asked me for a 100 gold coins for Bilal (RA) for Bilal (RA), I would have given you a 100 gold coins!”"
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"Why do we love the companions of Muhammad (saw) so much? Because today, we grow up living in a time where Islam is firmly established. We grow up knowing Islam already exists, and know that people all around the world are devoted to this belief. We come into this world with Masjids already built, sacrifices already made, history already past and Muslims who are existent with support. But the time of Muhammad (saw)? Those sahabah who believed in him, believed in a time when there was no such thing. It was brand new. And the limits they went to, the courage that they had, the love in their hearts; is something impeccable. It’s amazing. Especially given the time/place it happened. We think it’s hard to be Muslim with all the Kafir we’re surrounded by, despite the fact that the Muslim ummah and community is massive. What about them? Imagine being one of the only 2, one of the only 3? One of the only 4? One of the one 10? One of the only 20? IN THE WORLD. Not in the “School” or “Work place” or “town”. In the WORLD. And today what we have is because of THEM. Muhammad (saw), Khadija, Abu Bakr, Ali, Uthman, Umar. Subhan’Allah. Words limit what they deserve to be given in terms of gratitude."
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